The Digital Charity is written for comms managers, trustees and fundraisers in small-medium sized non-profit organisations. The book describes the process for putting together an effective website, and helps you to make the best decisions to confidently grow your digital impact.

The Digital Charity paperback book
  1. Building the case – how to get senior buy-in for new digital projects
  2. Deciding whether to re-brand – why is identity important, and is it time for a refresh?
  3. Planning your project – how to articulate your needs and communicate them with suppliers
  4. Choosing a CMS – how to decide which platform is right for you, and how to find a supplier
  5. Producing effective content – why good content is paramount, and how you can create it
  6. Optimising for search engines – how to strengthen your website in search engines like Google
  7. Joining the online conversation – how to source the right online communities and use social media effectively
  8. Defining personas – how to identify your core audience and create content that speaks directly to them
  9. Being inclusive – how to ensure that your digital services are accessible to those with disabilities and varying needs
  10. Leveraging integrations – how to make the most of third-party tools
  11. Integrating a CRM – how to integrate a CRM and ensure its adoption in your team
  12. Managing your project – how to deal with conflict, feedback and unexpected occurrences
  13. Generating income online – how to work toward sustainability and become less reliant on grant funding
  14. Measuring your ROI – how to set goals and measure your KPIs effectively
  15. Learning from othershear from others working on projects in the third sector
  16. Staying active – how to capitalise on your new website so it continues working for you after launch
  17. Putting this into practice – how to avoid overwhelm and steadily grow your confidence in using digital technology.

The title “The Digital Charity” says it all – digital isn’t about the technology: it’s about the charity and how to maximise its life-changing impact through communication, services and connecting people.

– Howard Lake, UK Fundraising

The Digital Charity was written by Matt Saunders