Whilst writing The Digital Charity we conducted a number of interviews with people working in, and with, charities in a digital capacity. We’re very excited to share their stories and to pass on some of their insights with you here.

Mandy Barker

Co-designing an awareness-raising campaign

Mandy talks about working on an awareness-raising campaign with Newcastle Carers, and how their radical approach of involving service users in the creative process brought about a number of fantastic benefits.

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Vikram Singh

Understanding your audience with personas

Vikram is a senior user experience designer. In this interview, he shares his experience and knowledge on persona development, helping you to understand the value in getting to know your audience.

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Carley Centen

Building online communities

Carley was instrumental to a project designed to facilitate peer support for people affected by child sexual exploitation. In this interview she talks about the process of developing and maintaining an online community forum.

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Emmelie Brownlee

Auditing content during website redesign

Emmelie and her team were responsible for scrutinising every piece of content during a website redesign process. In this interview she shares the process and outcome, as well as her top tips to help you produce content that works for your audience.

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The Digital Charity was written by Matt Saunders